All I could say was OMG! Bravo not only set black women back but ALL women back 100 years with the premier of Real Housewives of Atlanta. An overly exaggerated luxury lifestyle of how metro Atlanta, Georgia is supposedly.

Clearly, these ladies so desperately want to be celebrities; however, they appear as Kimora Lee Simmons fakes. Moreover, it looks like they may be living way beyond their means to support the luxury lifestyles they maintain. It is no wonder so many African American professional ballplayers end up bankrupt.

We saw all of the luxury purchases and splurges but no real evidence to support economics for this lifestyle. I guess I may have too much knowledge about Atlanta’s luxury industry and which sectors are really thriving or not. Sorry Bravo, you can’t pull one over on me and most likely no one else residing in metro Atlanta.

In our blog we recently covered a report conducted by the ING Foundation that disclosed some troubling information about black women and their spending habits. Like many women in the ING study the Real Housewives of Atlanta are so concerned with fashion, appearances, and perception.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta made black women look superficial, loud, shallow, and fake. If these ladies really want to use the show to help their businesses take off, they need to do some major PR crisis.

Word to the wise, keep it real!

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