The decision for Royal Caribbean to return to scheduled stops in Ladadee, Haiti is being debated by PR Pros everywhere. Some PR people are in favor because of the support that Royal Caribbean is pledging to provide to Haiti and others are totally against it because of the damaging message it sends.
Even with the bad PR publicity Royal Caribbean is standing by their decision to visit the luxury private resort in Ladadee, Haiti. The company feels that continuing to visit Ladadee will help to improve financial stability for Haiti.
I must admit that Royal Caribbean really wants to show that they have good intentions. However, their perspective of cultural diversity is truly lacking sensitivity. Haiti is tremendously suffering and has not reached a safe recovery zone.  Considering human compassion for loss and grief Royal Caribbean is sending a dangerous message of what luxury PR really is. Which makes me wonder do they really even care or is this about opportunity?
Luxury is a perception and luxury PR communications is often linked to lifestyle. How will the people of Haiti view the vacationers living a life of luxury while they are suffering? It seems so cruel that Royal Caribbean would want to send such a bad brand message to Haiti. These people are fighting for survival and searching for loved ones that most of them will never see again.
In my mind I will always remember Royal Caribbean as the luxury cruise ship that sent luxury lifestyle to Haiti in the middle of a WORLD Crisis. Not a smart PR move.

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  1. Dennis says:

    So you only care about PR, not the actual good that is being done for the employees of RCL that live and work on Hati, and for the supplies that are being delivered?? I find that rather shallow.

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