What happens to their celebrity brand if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt actually do split? They are branded as the world’s most beautiful couple Brangelina. However, both celebrities are mega stars and have built sustainable branding empires. So it is safe to say that both of their popularities will continue to soar even more so with a breakup rumored.

PEOPLE magazine is reporting that there is no truth to the rumor that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are splitting. Saying sources reveals that it is family business as usual.

“Everything is fine” with the couple, who are parents to six kids, a source says.

Another source says the split reports, which were first published in a British tabloid, are “totally false.”

The one thing that could hurt both Angelina and Brad is the fact that they started a large family and even adopted children if they do split. Not the most positive light in the public eye. However, smart PR moves have been made to promote that all of the children will be well taken care of in mist of the rumored split.

Rumors of a split is actually perfect timing for PEOPLE who also has Jennifer Aniston on the cover showing victory over her breakup with Brad Pitt referencing Five years after.

All eyes are now on Angelina and Brad which will be viewed as the biggest celebrity breakup in history if it actually does happen.

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