Barack Obama has managed to gain the support of yet another celebrity friend, this time he wins Anne Hathaway. According to Usmagazine, Anne Hathaway admits she wasn’t initially sold on Sen. Barack Obama in the beginning.

Revealing, “I was kind of afraid of Obama the first time I saw him,” she told the Associated Press at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. “I thought, ‘I’ve been burned by guys like you before.’

Hathaway says she had a change of heart “around the time that he gave his speech on race.”
Citing, “I just said, ‘I can’t deny how I feel about you, Barack Obama. I want you to be the president. I want you in the White House,'” she Hathaway.

Was it Obama’s speech on race that won many of the hearts of Americans? Clearly, he delivered a targeted message and used the right media platform.

Should celebrities continue to announce their support of Sen. Barack Obama?

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