Blogging like it or not is here to stay. If you run a business and still don’t have a blog you should consider yourself officially left behind. Blogs have become essential communications tools and every business must communicate with their audience.

How can Paris Hilton help your blog even if your business has nothing to do with Paris Hilton or her lifestyle? First, I hope that you don’t really think that Paris Hilton should not be part of your business marketing plan. Before you click me off please allow me to explain why Paris is very important to your business and blog concept.
You have a business and Paris is a brand. That’s right Paris Hilton is a brand and adding Paris news to your blog can allow you to partner with one of the most recognized brands in the world. You don’t have to necessarily blog about Paris directly like we do on this blog. You can add Paris Hilton news, celebrity news, entertainment news, etc to your blog site.
Why Every Business Must Blog!
1. Blogging allows you to communicate with your target audience and learn valuable feedback about consumer perception of your products and services.
2. Blogging is a great resource to keep consumers informed on news, expansions, product improvements, new services, etc.
3. Blogging is a way to become interactive with consumers for research, crisis management, marketing analysis, etc.
4. Blogging lets you educate consumers on your products and services.
5. Blogging can be used as a business model to improve communications and brand recognition.
6. As Paris would say, Blogging is HOT!
Start blogging today.

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