When it comes to publicity Serena Williams is receiving all the media attention today. Even though Serena would have most likely lost the match without the foot fault! Serena received a point penalty on match point for behaving badly, a point penalty for a conduct violation.

Serena told the official “I’m going to shove this ball down your f—— throat”.

Was this a publicity stunt?

Who knows! Who cares! Serena Williams is being talked about all around the world.

It is really important that CEOs and owners of enterprises represent their organizations with good conduct. My Mommy use to say, “Bad luck comes by bad conduct”.

Serena needs to get her act together! Expect to see a public apology but I am so tired of bad conduct passes. I know she came from less than humble beginnings but she has been in the world she lives in long enough to KNOW that this conduct will not be tolerated!

I expect Serena to be a good role model, enough said.

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