For most luxury brands the key to survive will be about building credible publicity recognition. Luxury PR campaigns should focus on implementing a plan and strategic approach to capture media attention. The perception of a luxury brand and how it is viewed by a target audience will determine the sustainability outcome.

Is luxury PR defined today by being the most expensive or biggest? The recession has discouraged how luxury marketers focus on being the most expensive and biggest products and services. Generally the most expensive is often perceived as the best in the luxury market. Exclusivity is what makes luxury rare and still remains a hot button for luxury consumers. This is the main reason many high-end luxury products are often offered as limited editions.

Panasonic released the largest HD Screen in the world. A 103-inch behemoth PDP TV, buzzed as the greatest invention in the world of home entertainment. Luxury is enhanced by the quality of products and services that create value for experiences. The Eclipz from Artopz turns a home media center into a customized luxurious home entertainment space creating the concept of technology in design.

Should luxury brands build luxury PR campaigns around being the most expensive or biggest? That depends on if they also plan to include the importance of quality. The economic recession has made luxury consumers conditioned to think about costs. In order for luxury PR campaigns to be successful it will be necessary to highlight the features and benefits of value from the quality received.

Lifestyle options are also represented with most expensive and biggest luxury. A lifestyle is a way of life and improving on quality of life makes the experience of living enriched. Luxury PR campaigns must present solutions and add value to why luxury is represented as the most expensive or biggest in the world.

Luxury is a perception and lifestyle is a way of life option.

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