People ask me all the time why do you focus so much on the niche of luxury? Well, I LOVE luxury and I know that having a niche is a smart business model. My niche is luxury and yours may be something totally different. However, social media networking can be a goldmine for any niche.

Why is having a niche important? You can operate as a specific fish and this makes your pound smaller. Without a niche you are an ordinary alike fish in a big pound. There is nothing to make you standout because you are in competition with the masses. In fact without a niche it is often harder for desired target audiences to even find you.

Six Simple Solutions to Make Money in Social Media with a Niche

1. Join social media networks – Make it a point to join the top social media networks and promote your niche within those circles. The more exposure you receive within social media the increased opportunities for promotions, referrals, customers, etc.

2. Become an expert – Toot your horn on social media networks about what you know related to your niche. Give tons of advice, tips, experiences, etc. This will increase your chances of getting more referrals, clients, customers, etc.

3. Attract target audiences – As you build your reputation in social media for your niche you also build credibility. This allows you to engage and target audiences increasing value of your niche reputation, exposure, sales, etc.

4. Call to action – Promote passion about your niche and inspire people to respond with a call to action to champion your cause. Increasing the results to support, endorse, refer, etc.

5. Represent niche visualization – Use lifestyle images that display the perception of your niche in social media. Engage audiences with images to capture a visual perception of what your niche represents. A solution to build brand awareness perception for your niche.

6. Promote, promote, promote – Seemingly the obvious but remember to promote your social media affiliations related to your niche everywhere! Promote social media identification on your company website, blog, etc. Tie in your niche with your social media networks. I focus on luxury PR so I promote to stay in the know about luxury PR follow me on Twitter @MosnarComm, etc.

Social media presents an avenue for niche concepts to gain exposure, brand awareness, credibility and more. There is so much to explore! Get social with your niche.

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