Beyonce Knowles proves once again that she is more than just a pretty face. But also has a pretty heart to match her outside appearances. The mega superstar and her mother are teaming up with the nonprofit group Phoenix House to help those receiving substance abuse treatment and prevention services feel beautiful.

Beyonce and mom Tina Knowles celebrated the opening of Beyonce Cosmetology Center that will benefit the clients of Phoenix House.

“We were thrilled when Beyonce and her mother Tina approached us about creating a cosmetology center for our clients.” Phoenix House President and CEO Howard Meitiner said. “Their generosity and compassion toward the men and women we serve is extraordinary. With this tremendous gift, they have given our clients a route to achieve successful, rewarding lives in recovery.”

Sounds like this project will be a big success! Beyonce’s name and beauty go hand and hand. We wish the Phoenix House and Beyonce Cosmetology Center all the best.

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