Embracing St. John’s future while paying homage to its past, the story unfolds with a redesigned logo – a subtle yet powerful change.  Leading this new narrative is a refreshingly modern limited-edition capsule collection created by Turner and her team of artisans and knitwear technicians. The 20 head-to-toe looks to push the boundaries of craft and couture, as innovative knitting techniques take both delicate and bold forms.

IRVINE, Calif., November 19th, 2019 (MC MosnarCommunications.com Luxury Press Release) St. John, the American luxury house founded in 1962 on the premise of simple, elegant knitwear enters an exciting new era with a fashion-forward capsule collection and provocative social media campaign envisioned by recently-appointed creative director Zoe Turner.


St. John’s iconic signatures are reimagined with modernized brand codes including a single knit stitch, translated into metal hardware and a new knitted jacket silhouette. Looks range from a lightweight pleated viscose evening dress, to intricately textured, graphic geometric looks. In a creative twist, the hardware is now incorporated into the clothing – down the front of a bodysuit or in the bodice of a cut-out midi dress. St. John’s signature suit takes on new proportions, oversized and tailored at the same time, while classic cream and metallic tweeds now embody sporty silhouettes. Turner also introduces a new color palette, tailoring, and leather, along with essential wardrobe pieces that speak to the way today’s women dress.

Consumers will experience the collection via a limited release available online and a social media campaign launched exclusively on Instagram in the U.S. and WeChat in China, all new milestones for St. John. To help develop the concept and statement-making social media campaign, St. John and Turner enlisted creative agency Mazarine and photographer Bibi Cornejo Borthwick.  

“It’s about evolving as a brand and making sure we are being as authentic as possible along the way, creating an emotional connection with the consumer,” said Joann Cheng, Fosun Group’s Global Partner and Chairman of Fosun Fashion Group, which acquired a majority interest in St. John in 2017. “St. John holds an important position within Fosun Fashion Group not only because it’s our first U.S. brand, but also one with a unique core of signature innovative knits and an undisputed reputation for quality. We are committed to further develop it into a successful luxury brand rooted in the U.S. but with global width. The U.S. and China are two major markets, but we are increasing our efforts in regions such as Europe, where we also see ample opportunity.”


“We’re excited to introduce Zoe and her vision with this limited-edition capsule collection and to spark the conversation around beautiful fashion through the digitally-led campaign. These new initiatives will speak to a larger audience, including our existing clients, about who we are and what we represent: a blend of modernity and history,” said chief executive officer Eran Cohen.

Turner, who leads all creative at St. John with a holistic approach, starting with its codes and icons and melding them with her fresh approach to product, visuals and store design, noted, “The capsule was inspired by the icons of St. John, represented in 20 unique looks that capture the spirit of the house through, color, print, silhouette and craft. This will act as a foundation to build our new story.”

To help celebrate the limited-edition capsule collection, Turner and the St. John brand hosted an intimate evening on November 6th in New York City, providing guests with an exclusive first look at the new collection.

The capsule collection will also be supported by a press event in Beijing, as well as robust social media campaigns featuring 100+ influencers and opinion leaders ranging from celebrities, inclusivity advocates, and fashion tastemakers each bringing the looks to life in their own way.  Turner’s first full collection for St. John will be Fall 2020, and a new store concept will debut mid-to-late next year.


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