There comes a time when everyone in the media must have some sort of compassion, right? Edwards has denied that he is the father of Rielle Hunter’s unborn child. While clearly Miss Hunter is about six months pregnant and someone did help her father that unborn child.

Was it John Edwards? He says no! Was it former Director of Operations for John Edwards’ campaign Andy Young (who is also married)? He says no! According to a statement released by Miss Hunter’s lawyer he stresses that Andy Young is the father of the unborn child.
Yes, I agree that this is just another case of a political cover up. Possibly a cheating spouse scandal, who knows everyone working on the John Edwards campaign could have had their way with Rielle Hunter! She certainly has no respect for herself.
However, for Elizabeth Edwards and her children and her quality of life, I say Back OFF Now! Elizabeth is 58 Years Young (Not Old) and has revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. She told us that the cancer has returned and the disease was “no longer curable, but is completely treatable”. Please allow her to have the BEST possible chance for a happy normal life!
John Edwards knows what he did or did not do and he has to look her in the eye and deal with that. If they have reached an agreement to be in love and forgive or even deal with whatever. Please respect the treatment process for Elizabeth first. Take Edwards at his word and move on.
A man who can’t admit to his sins will be held accountable by God. The world has no power for a heaven or hell conviction and can not judge this man. If Elizabeth wants to stand by him and support him, stand with Elizabeth!

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