Styling Donald Trump can’t be easy, he certainly doesn’t have the easiest winning personality to sell worldwide. However, the one thing Mr. Trump (as he so likes to be called) does have is a winning luxury lifestyle brand. So if you were puzzled by what a Presidential campaign has to do with #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet this might help put things into perspective…

As the authority platform when it comes to luxury PR media, we here at thought we would jump in on the subject matter approach to styling Donald Trump! After all so many people are drinking his champagne (sorry Kool-Aid) and vastly those who could never afford to drink champagne are buying into Trump’s luxury brand lifestyle.

Styling Donald Trump

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For the first time in a Presidential race luxury brand lifestyle is actually part of the campaign. However, President Kennedy’s wealth was also a strong attraction connecting with the American people. In theory people outside of wealth and power still hope to be affiliated with someone inside. That’s the power of luxury exclusivity it secretly tricks the mind into wanting and desiring what it can’t have. The scarcity for wealth and affiliation is now center stage in the Presidential campaign. Mr. Trump promotes his advantage as being a smart savvy businessman as well as one of the top billionaires in the world. However, Forbes ranks him at #324 with a net worth of $4.2 billion dollars…

For instance notes during the 1960 presidential election Kennedy benefited from the economic recession of 1957–58, which hurt the standing of the incumbent Republican Party, and he had the advantage of 17 million more registered Democrats than Republicans. Furthermore, the new votes that Kennedy gained among Catholics almost neutralized the new votes Nixon gained among Protestants. Kennedy’s campaigning skills decisively outmatched Nixon’s. In the end, Nixon’s emphasis on his experience carried little weight, and he wasted energy by campaigning in all 50 states instead of concentrating on the swing states.

Hope (not Trump’s Hope) right now Hillary Clinton is taking some serious notes and listening closely. As the hope for the American people is on the line with this Presidential election.

Kennedy used his large, well-funded campaign organization to win the nomination, secure endorsements, and, with the aid of the last of the big-city bosses, get out the vote in the big cities. He relied on running mate Lyndon B. Johnson to hold the South, and used television effectively.

So in jumps Hope Hicks, also a political newcomer like Trump her boss who she affectionately only refers to as “Mr. Trump or Sir”… The New York Times holds her as the woman who understands Donald Trump. Now that’s impressive!

Hicks privileged background is totally opposite from the majority of American people who are not in the wealthy income society. Not only is Hicks a very important part of Trump’s campaign, she has further “earned his trust” as his daughter Ivanka Trump puts it in the media.

Hope Hicks Styling Donald Trump Mosnar Communications main family


Ms. Hicks is the third generation of her family to represent a powerful but highly controversial client. Her grandfather led public relations for Texaco during the 1970s oil crisis. Her father, Paul B. Hicks III, represented a major tobacco company in Connecticut and later was the top communications executive for the National Football League, where he dealt with scandals over player safety and the Patriots’ deflated footballs.

Noted is that among journalists, Ms. Hicks is not known to wrangle, cajole or mingle, serving as more of a conduit for her intensely media-savvy boss, who likes to act as his own chief spokesman.

Plus she is perhaps the only campaign press secretary to have been photographed as a teenager by the fashion photographer Bruce Weber, in a campaign for Naturalizer shoes. 

Hope Hicks Styling Donald Trump Mosnar Communications

Taking a page from the famously famed Kardashian Jenner crew (I swear they manage to be everywhere without even trying) the campaign #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet breaks the Internet. The hashtag #BabesForTrump, started by women who support Donald Trump, is usually accompanied by pictures of attractive women wearing the presumptive Republican nominee’s hats or t-shirts while showing off a generous amount of cleavage. Media outlets started reporting people lost their minds when the hashtag #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet started trending Sunday night.

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