It has been no secret that I have championed for Michael Vick’s return to the NFL. Even taken this quest as a personal mission and focused on social economic status as Michael Vick’s major downfall. While many may NOT understand Vick’s social economic status being the primary reason for not knowing WHY his actions at the time were very wrong. Being a product of your environment strongly influences values, ethics, and beliefs. I want people to seek to understand before they judge.

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I received notice from Rosemary Abendroth that she was deleting ME from her Facebook friends list. I could not make a connection to who Rosemary was so I reviewed our connection profiles and learned that Rosemary is strongly connected with the AdAge Power150 group. Which I can easily feel like the odd person among this group of highly ALL white intellectuals dominating media, marketing and public relations. However, my hard work and determination has earned me a seat on this privileged list.

Here is Rosemary’s message to me:

I really don’t know you, but I will be deleting you from my friend post.

Like anyone, Michael Vick was great to watch in playing football, but he was convicted of a horrific crime and should never suit up again. I would never hire a firm that represented someone like him. This is not a fall from grace as many professional ball players have, but something that is unforgiveable in the public eye.

He may play football again, but a PR firm that wants to promote him is really not one I would associate with.

I am sure you will get a lot of response to your post and many may support you, but I can never get the image of the torture to those poor animals out of my mind. People who torture animals are the same as those who would torture people…I don’t want anything to do with people who think it is OK.

Unlike Michael Jackson who was NEVER found not guilty of child molestation, it still left a shadow of doubt over him, but he was not convicted, so most of us continue to believe in him and hope the allegations were not true. In the end, his legacy stood. But Michael Vick was convicted and went to prison for a horrific crime. It would be like HItler going on to win the super bowl…it cannot erase the unforgiveable crime.


Dear Rosemary

I have never supported Michael Vick’s actions! Nor have did I ever say what he did was OKAY. I truly believe that everyone deserves a second chance, not repeat offenders but an honest to God second chance to make things right.

While in your world you may not understand the importance of social economic status but it truly plays a large role in Michael Vick’s life and many other black people.
The NFL has to take some responsibility on how they transition those who come from less than favorable backgrounds. They do make TONS of money using these players. A behavior is taught over being learned and environmental conditions influences behavior patterns.

A wonderful person reached out to me in my support of Michael Vick. He said something to this effect, “I may not agree with what you said BUT I will fight to death for your right to say it.”

I would never want a friend that did not allow me my right to freedom of speech.



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