I so admire little Miss Suri Cruise the fashion icon of toddlers. Could Suri have inspired the demand for luxury clothing lines for children launching everywhere? Well, she had a lot to do with it. All the media attention focused on Suri’s cute stylish outfits encouraged luxury designers to do small sized versions of fashion.
Looks like Suri is into lipstick these days too. Which parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reveal that Suri picks out her own clothes! Now I must admit my little daughter Charm who is four years old is also into lipstick these days and picking out her own outfits. Wow being a toddler today is not what you would think. To be a toddler today one must be fashion focused.

If these are the toddler years what is coming next. BTW, feel free to visit CharmPosh.com a little luxury lifestyle blog for children 12 and under. Suri Cruise is always making headlines at Charm Posh™.

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  1. Marina says:

    Well, I really love Suri, but I just think she is very young to be into Lipstick and make-up. When She is 20, she will want to do a plastic surgery. It's really a pity that this cute little girl is on the wrong way.

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