What did Net-A-Porter.com do right to succeed as an online luxury retailer oppose to eLuxury.com did wrong? It may seem complicated to those who don’t understand the cultural of online luxury. Well, first lesson about luxury is that it is a perception.

Take the cultural of Net-A-Porter.com ultimately considered the #1 place to shop for high-end luxury online. They offer a variety of luxury brands from Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Matthew Williamson and many more.

This week Net-a-Porter.com released their iPhone application, called Net-App. This will allow luxury shoppers to browse new handbags, clothes and shoes; read weekly fashion stories and make a luxury purchase from their cell phones.

Net-A-Porter.com is thinking beyond the Internet. And why should they not? Reportedly the website which launched in 2000 now has 1.8 million visitors a month succeeded at getting people to buy $4,000 gowns and $1,000 stilettos.

Can’t wait to see updates from my Net-App on my cell!

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