Are luxury car brands buying into the flex of social media status? If you have more than a million social media followers “You get a car! You get a car!” …. However, it’s not Oprah giving out complimentary cars these days but it was Winfrey who introduced the concept of gift car marketing. Known as the Oprah car giveaway effect that’s still a phenomenon today.
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Right now it seems rich kids or kids who want “others to believe they are rich” are flexing on Instagram in their new luxury cars. It’s a promotional front row for luxury car brands and everybody wants a piece of the action. Is this a smart luxury PR media move for luxury branding? Well that depends on what the luxury car brands want…do they want to sell more luxury cars or promote for envy.
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Kylie Jenner’s brand new Ferrari shown on Instagram
The media headlines continue to promote envy for luxury goods owned by celebrities and social media celebrities with high profile status of followers.

Instagram Effect

Next Shark relates this phenomenon is a two-way street that involves high-profile celebrities posting ostentatious pictures of their cars on Instagram and automobile executives marketing their cars on the popular social media platform. According to Automotive News, the result is the emergence of a wealthy, younger demographic that demands bolder cars and flashier features.

Just when we thought that flash and flex was only for rap video…The director of specialty products for Black Book who also supervises the publishing of its Collectible Vehicle Value Guide, Eric Lawrence, told Automotive News:

“It’s not Frank Sinatra in 1965 with a gorgeous Cadillac — it’s the new-money guys. It’s the athletes. The guys in the entertainment business, the Wall Street people, the tech company people who are suddenly worth $300 million. They’ve suddenly made a lot of money, and they want to spend it suddenly.”

According to PaperMag class is a touchy subject that is often closely associated with the word luxury. There are some with money who enjoy “slumming.” They might hang out in unsavory parts of town because they think it’s cool and edgy, sending the message, “I’m rich but get a thrill out of pretending I’m not,” which is fairly perverse.

But the flipside to slumming is even more interesting. Take for example the enormous popularity of McMansions of all sizes, shapes and colors popping up everywhere from Kansas to Staten Island. And then there’s the proliferation of those insane 25-foot stretch Hummer limos, which perfectly illustrates a twisted “queen for a day” mentality that is a hard-on for the new rich, the almost rich and the dying-to-feel rich.

The problem is luxury car brands are not exactly targeting luxury consumers who can afford to purchase their luxury cars. A larger concern is that younger luxury car buyers are making purchases to only flex and not because they have an emotional connection to the luxury car brand. Without emotional connection the demand for luxury goods will not hold credibility and sustainability in the marketplace.
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