So, who is cashing in these days on the Balloon Boy brand? The media! Every headline you see is all about the Balloon Boy! Rarely do you see a headline with the child’s name. Should the media be the only ones boosting sales from the alleged hoax of the Balloon Boy?

Most of the media headlines covering the Balloon Boy story are now starting to follow under entertainment. If you offer luxury gifts and goods you should be trying to cash in also. Have you even considered a Balloon Boy Deluxe offering? I mean whip up the most fabulous over the top balloon special promotion ever!

Make it BIG do a press release announcement and please, please make it newsworthy. You want to reference small details about the alleged Balloon Boy hoax (remember to say this is an alleged hoax). Don’t forget to state key points of a press release; who, what, when, why, how, and call to action. Keep in mind a press release is not an advertisement and should not be written as a promotion.

“Your Company Name” to Offer Balloon Boy Deluxe

“Your Company Name” Offers Grand Balloon Boy Special

This is how you too can cash in on the Balloon Boy publicity!

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