When you think of the top selling luxury SUV, maybe Acura is not a first or second thought. However, Acura’s MDX is now the top selling luxury SUV ever beating out some big name rivals to take this honor. What luxury brand marketing lesson can we learn from their success?

First, Acura reports they sold 692,710 MDXs since 2002, more than any rival. Their victory in the luxury industry is that they are the best selling three row luxury SUV of all time…. Congrats they did it best, engaging luxury consumers is always a big deal. Acura overall sales of the division actually sank 18.6% last month, however they managed to make history by focusing on the three row luxury SUV sector. How we can learn from Acura is that they created a soundbite for the problem they solved in the luxury industry.



“It’s a success in the marketplace,” says Mike Accavitti, general manager of the Acura division. “It’s the all-time best-selling three-row SUV.” Accavitti clicks off the MDX’s attributes: its luxury, styling, cargo-carrying ability, features and other good things that just about every automaker claims as well. But MDX, he says, has an ace-in-the-footwell: its size.

We understand what Acura did was to create a luxury SUV with a focus on size… Implementing a strategic solution that solves a problem in the luxury industry. What luxury car brands should be doing is solving problems. #SizeMatters

2015-Acura-MDX  3

Photo credits Acura

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