With money tight on every end all businesses are trying to figure out ways to save. So when it comes to distributing press releases every company including small businesses to large corporations are searching for a more cost effective solution.

The underlining problem may not be to figure out which press release wire distribution service is best, free or paid. A real solution may be to put out newsworthy press announcements. I repeat a real solution may be to put out newsworthy press announcements!

You likely found my blog post on a credible media outlet that you trust and most likely the reason why you decided to read it. This was by no accident and the reason why learning how to create newsworthy media is critical to build credibility for brand awareness to sustain economic conditions.

Nonetheless the search is on for the so called best wire distribution service. Press release wire distribution services can easily play on hot buttons to capture free publicity and increase brand exposure as a solution to thrust sales. However, without a newsworthy angle major media outlets are NOT going to do a special feature story from a press release. True most wire services both free and paid ones have media pickups from major media sources. This is when the press release is reprinted AS IS among media outlets that pickup their press releases. Some companies use paid press release wire distribution services to receive just this. However, the same affects can be achieved with free press release distribution services.

Here I used a free press release wire distribution service for an announcement about Oprah Winfrey. The press release storyline was briefly included in a feature story in News.com.au. As a result we were able to position some positive press even in a bad publicity article about Oprah.

Plus we had a truckload of celebrities requesting our help because of our exposure and credibility from the News.com.au article. I just love when celebrity brands go under attack.

The reason why so many public traded companies will still only use prnewswire.com or BusinessWire.com for distributing press announcements is because of the credibility these companies hold among big name brands. However, the same affects can be achieved with free press release distribution services if the storyline is newsworthy.

I adore PRWeb.com, years ago once a free press release distribution wire service and I often use their services every now and then. However, I still achieve the same affects with free press release distribution services too.

So your interest should NOT be about what free press release wire services do I use. As I told you the importance is still on how-to make the storyline newsworthy. Additionally, sometimes you can have a well written newsworthy press release that still needs to be pitched to the media. Today even a blog posts can now become a feature story in the media through social media environments and Internet marketing.

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