Last night I watched the Miss America 2010 pageant with my four year old daughter, a future Miss America. In a pageant every detail matters especially down to talent and the beauty selection of the dress hue.
When I saw Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron who actually was crowned Miss America 2010 appear in her yellow dress it took me back to Ericka Dunlap winning in yellow for Miss America 2004. During the live televised break Dunlap was interviewed and even talked about winning in the yellow dress. As seasoned pageant contestants will stress pulling off yellow in the beauty selection is not easy.
One additional viewpoint that Cameron had in her favor she seemed like a real person. Her platform issue was “Real Talk: AIDS in America.” The judges had expressed looking for that girl with the REAL “It” factor. In that aspect Cameron caught my eye as the real beauty inside and out.
Congrats to Caressa Cameron crowned Miss America 2010 at 22 years old. A bright future with a successful path is one to cherish.

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