If recent reports that Huffington Post generated $146 Million Dollars in revenue last year are true and which they are very true according to The New York Times Magazine…..Yet the media giant did not make a profit and only broke even last year after generating around 1,200 posts daily. At the rumored labor of low wage reporters and unpaid writers. However, still with $146 million in revenue a 10 year old leader in digital media could not turn a profit.

Luxury Brand

Alexander Wang MC MosnarCommunications Luxury PR Media

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This is a scary reveal that media companies need to rethink their revenue strategies. So why should luxury brands seriously think like a luxury brand but act like a media company? The best solution would be to act like a luxury brand and think like luxury PR media to gain influence value control. A win-win advantage to build a sustainable and profitable luxury brand. After all can a luxury brand truly survive today if they think like a media company?

What about luxury media outlets that depend heavily on advertising revenue to sustain? This would include luxury blogs, luxury portals, luxury magazines, and so on. They too need to use luxury PR media for engagement and influence control as well.

The real deal comes down to implementing diverse revenue streams other than simply depending on advertising only. Every luxury media outlet must start building stronger strategic alliance relations for profitable outcomes benefiting both parties.

License Branding Media

It is very beneficial for luxury brands and companies to form license branding media relationships. This is a similar approach to luxury brand ambassador endorsement deals. However, with license branding media the luxury brand pays the luxury media outlet  for license branding media use. The license branded media content marketing is produced for luxury PR media engagement.
Which the license branding media content equity gains value and influence control.

For instance CharmPosh.com is a leader in curating content for kids fashion, family vacation packages, designer baby clothes, baby girl clothes, baby boy clothes, toddler clothes, girls clothes, boys clothes, kids shoes and more. Through a license branding media relationship one service CharmPosh.com designs is an menu of posh kiddie foods and drinks. A luxury hotel or chain could license “CharmPosh.com Kids Poolside Menu and Snacks” for summer through a license branding media relationship.

CharmPosh.com Family Vacations Summer Top Pick

Cucumber-Melon “Sushi” Poolside for Kids…. Cucumber Melon Sushi CharmPosh

The purpose of licensing branded media is for luxury brands to introduce their luxury products, luxury goods, and luxury services through influential luxury media relationships. It’s also similar to sponsoring an event, whereas luxury consumers learn about the license branded media content offerings. Which are actually luxury products, luxury goods, or luxury services from the luxury brand.

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