Today was the big day that the world would get to hear Tiger Woods speak. Nothing that he had to say was different than what we all thought that he would say. He said he was sorry and I have to admit I actually believe him. He confused and admitted that he was wrong and gave an action plan on what he plans to do to improve.  Fair enough? Only Elin can answer that.
However, the worst PR move in this entire publicity punch was made by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. For me the timing was off on this one Gloria, sorry but true. 
Gloria wanted the world to feel sorry for Joslyn James and to see her as the poor victim. Forget the fact that she knowingly engaged in an affair with a married man with children! Yea my heart bleeds for Joslyn James?? I think NOT!
Those were real tears that Tiger produced and he seemed very concerned about his actions. Who are we to judge Tiger, yea he should have known better.  But judge not, well wishes to Tiger and Elin to repair their family.
Do you think that fans can one day believe in Tiger Woods like he pleaded for them to, one day?


  1. Maguijo says:

    Yes. To err is human. To forgive is divine. I'm fine with being divine on this one. I'm no one to throw stones, that's for sure.

  2. Kathy in Mississippi says:

    Tiger Woods' speech was, in my opinion, sincere and enough apology. I wouldn't have. Another comment about Tiger Woods:
    Those tram** Gloria Allred is representing are all retarded if they think they deserve an apology on the AIR or OFF!!! They don't deserve an apology. Those sleezy money hungry two should apologize to Elin, his wife. Also, PROOVE it prono star that you were even pregnant by Tiger. YOU LIE!!! I hope there is an "Allination of Affection" law in their state and she could counter sue…like you can in Mississippi. Gloria Allred is starving for attention to take these two suits on. Go home, old woman.

  3. steve says:

    Siwik-Daniels is a lady who get paid for sex and is an actress. Does this person have any credibility at all. While I do not condone Tiger Woods, I think that Gloria Allred is just an old attention grabbing sow who should just go away. She is the Michael Lohan of attorneys

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