Kyle Ransom gets up every weekday morning at 5 a.m. and heads to the gym to workout for exactly one hour or so…except for the weekends. He is part of a new generation of entrepreneurs who find themselves with the one thing that everyone else is chasing and that is the ability to manage his time to do what he wants. Ransom has managed to grow time rich through his smarter entrepreneurship skills and time is the new money envy.

As the CEO of Uply Media, Inc he oversees over 50 plus apps available in Apple’s App Store in over 125 countries around the world. Additionally, the company has several apps in the Google Play Store globally. Uply Media, Inc also has several mobile friendly website platforms that Ransom further oversees.

So what exactly is this secret formula that Kyle Ransom mastered for growing business models through freedom of time? Good news, Ransom reveals in his updated book “The Serial Entrepreneur Success Guide” available on Amazon the very skills needed to start successful businesses as a serial entrepreneur with a bonus entry on how-to grow time rich!

the serial entrepreneur success Guide by Kyle Ransom

Time Rich

Ransom has provided a blueprint today with answers for how he grew his profitable business models and how-to grow time rich right now.

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Kyle Ransom

Q. What is more important time or money?

A. Both and time is just as important today as money. Time is what people are chasing today even more so than money. It’s by design that time is the new money and people continue to chase the dream of having the freedom of time.

Q. Why did you go into the apps business?

A. Apps are the future and everyone should be investing in apps because this business model is one of the best solutions to make enough money to not just sustain but excel and have the true freedom of time management.

Q. What other business models should people consider to have more freedom over their time?

A. First, a business must be profitable in order to have freedom to manage time. I reveal a list of the most profitable businesses to start with little or no money in my book “The Serial Entrepreneur Success Guide” and just by knowing what types of businesses to start can help to plan success goals.

Q. Is there a secret for how-to grow time rich?

A. Yes, there is a big secret for getting time rich and practically anybody can do it. However, the first thing they have to do is simply select the best business models that will generate enough revenue to have the freedom of time.

Q. What one tip would you give anybody wanting to grow time rich and be comfortable financially today?

A. In my book “The Serial Entrepreneur Success Guide” one thing I talk about immediately is planning to create wealth. Setting goals will be essential but most people don’t understand how to set goals to be successful in business and this is what my book solves. It covers solutions for the best methods to grow successful businesses over and over having freedom of time to live a happier lifestyle.

One tip I would give to any person that wants the freedom of time while being a successful entrepreneur would be to first plan a business goal and plan for the success of that business goal by scheduling tasks.

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