Now if people can’t trust you to tell the truth, how can they trust you to run the country? Looks like John and Cindy McCain need to do a PR makeover, which they attempted to do before the 2008 run for President! However, it did not work and it is time to re-do what they actually thought they had undone.

We never hear much about Mrs. McCain as much as we continue to hear about Michelle Obama. However, recent press is now surrounding Cindy McCain, who until now the only hot news was she has always been proud of her country. However, the spotlight is shinning on Mrs. McCain and the outlook is not so good.

Mark Nickolas Managing Editor of Political Base, harmers at the image of John and Cindy McCain in his original post, “The Anatomy of a Deception: How The McCains Changed Their Baby Adoption Story Just Before 2008 Bid

In his article post Mark is able to hold the McCains to the fire on their family values. It is pointed out that Cindy’s family recipes, were proved to be lifted from the Food Network! Shameful; claiming another cook’s bites.

The real damage is done by lying on Mother Teresa! Mark, relates what was pointed out yesterday by the Christian Science Monitor. Revealing that, the McCain campaign was called out for lying about the purported urging of Cindy McCain by Mother Teresa herself to adopt two children at her orphanage back in 1991. Turns out, McCain never met or even spoke with Mother Teresa on that trip.

Sincerely to all those working on John McCain’s PR! Please start to consider organic methods and sometimes telling the truth really works. Winning the popular vote means learning how to be open and relating to those who you want to pick you. Not everything has a spin!

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