The traditional magazine as we knew it,  is officially dead. No sadness from us that way of thinking was much outdated and too much fluff used to promote luxury brands. New media is very different so no surprise luxury lifestyle magazines are becoming very popular. Which is why smart luxury marketers need to leverage this relationship more.

So who has the best influence and engagement among luxury lifestyle magazines? How a luxury lifestyle magazine or portal interacts with their target audience is essential. Who they perceive the audience to be is what distinguishes them from the rest. For luxury media buyers they should consider what audience they want to connect with and how a luxury lifestyle magazine engages with this audience.

Top Five Luxury Lifestyle Magazines For 2012

1. Bloomberg Pursuits

The debut issue of Bloomberg Pursuits, a global lifestyle magazine produced by the editors of Bloomberg Markets, showcases the ambitious endeavors of people like Jim Glickenhaus. The money manager redesigns Ferraris to make them even faster. Multi-millionaire George David is more daring – he almost lost his life racing a yacht after it capsized in the Atlantic. Chinese investor Peter Kwok prefers to spend his free time tending to his vineyards in Bordeaux. The stories in Pursuits are about people who live just like they invest – with a lot of passion and verve.

We truly believe you will not find any fake rich reality housewives in this luxury lifestyle magazine. In short, this is REAL money.

2. Jetset Magazine (A personal favorite of my hubby) 

Jetset Magazine is the #1 affluent lifestyle print and online resource with a targeted VIP subscriber list of the wealthiest 1% in the world. Jetset reaches the ultra affluent with additional distribution throughout hundreds of private jet terminals, yacht clubs, and other exclusive locations.

Jetset magazine defines luxury with latest trends in finance, real estate, golf, travel, fashion, watches, private aviation, boating, luxury autos and more. With an average household income of $5.3 million, our readers appreciate the finer things in life and possess more buying power than any audience around the globe.

3. Dolce Vita Magazine

For over 15 years, Dolce Vita Magazine has been an internationally respected, nationally recognized, luxury lifestyle guide to living the good life. A product of the passion of brother-and-sister duo Fernando Zerillo and Michelle Zerillo-Sosa, Dolce Vita continues its tradition of uncovering the most stylish fashion, automotive and jewelry; the most desirable resorts and real estate locales, and profiling countrywide and international businesses and entrepreneurs of high distinction.

Today, this Toronto-based luxury lifestyle magazine remains the flagship publication of Dolce Publishing Inc., distributing over 290,000 pristine copies annually across Canada and select U.S. cities. Catering to a distinguished readership of VIPs and prominent social figures, including CEOs, presidents, doctors, lawyers and national/local celebrities, Dolce Vita is your one-stop guide to living the sweet life.

4. Lux

Lux is a quarterly luxury lifestyle magazine produced for and by the people who live it. Now in its tenth year, LUX has become one of the foremost publications in the field of luxury and is considered a must-read for the worlds affluent and influential .

5. Lusso

Their belief is that Quality is everything. Traditionally, the media has struggled to find the right way to address and reach the “HNW target group”. Since launching in 2004, Lusso feels that they have had no such problems because they don’t think of a “HNW target group” or “demographic”. Instead, they think of high net worth individuals as precisely what they are: individual.

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