Most luxury brands have determined that they do need a Twitter account but yet still don’t know what to do with it once they set one up. The most common error that luxury brands make is to use their Twitter profile as a sales page ONLY.

Luxury brands see social media as a sales environment over being social. The same rules still apply in a social media environment and you must make people like you before they will follow. The luxury brands who establish strong Twitter reach and rank are like the cool or ultra Kool kids. You know the ones who set the trends, get followers, and build brand awareness. Everyone knows who the cool kids are. Soon everyone is also buying everything that the Kool kids are trending.

Why Twitter?

Twitter has the ability to increase a brand message through massive returns because of reach. When you see CEOs of major corporations on Twitter, trust me the value is because of the degree and audience reach.

Having my message communicated to everyone who follows me and everyone who is following who is following me also. A media win-win and massive return potential is the reason Twitter is so hot.

Kool Look

Did you know that your Twitter appearance has a strong influence over who will follow you? If you have a basic Twitter page you might want to consider dressing up your Twitter page with a Kool new image.

Is your Twitter profile page dull and boring? Do you have a Twitter profile page with background graphics that represent your media message? Make your Twitter page one of a kind and represent what your luxury brand stands for.

Kool Tweets

To attract followers you have to make sure your Tweet Cloud is cool. If your luxury brand is focused on luxury fashion you need to be focused on tweeting about hot topics related to luxury fashion. Too simple if it was a sneak it would bit you! You must engage your audience and become an expert on your Tweet Cloud subjects.

Tweet Clouds = what you tweet about the most!

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