Mosnar Communications, Inc now has a degree reach of 21,013,203 followers and a rank of #2,582 on Twitter according to . So do we have over 21 million followers? No! However, the followers following us and those following them gives us a reach of 21 million plus.

Think of it like this, you should not try to get everyone that follows Oprah or CNN to follow you! The goal should be to get Oprah and CNN to follow YOU so that you can reach ALL those who follow Oprah and CNN on Twitter using the power of influence. The quality of your followers and their reach influence is much more important than drumming up thousands of followers that most likely will not be the target audience you seek.

Make sure that those you get to follow you are a media match for what you Tweet about the most. This will keep you inline with the target audiences you seek.

Here are Mosnar Communications, Inc results:

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