For us PR people Super Bowl ads are always the biggest highlights. Which doesn’t hurt is the fact that I am a girl, woman, female or whatever you want to call me. Making my point is that so many of the ads were focused on being a real man and not girly. Smart approach because men will generally buy anything that will make them you know, more manly.
I love the focus of family, men care, men empowerment, and men super ego. The smartest PR move has to go to Dockers who understands ad campaign message delivery, diversity, and engagement. I could watch that silly commercial all day and LOL!
In instant video replay Super Bowl ad campaigns that made the Buzziest impact.  
Snickers Golden Girl

Doritos Lays House Rules
CareerBuilder Causal Fridays
Dockers Men Without Pants
Dodge Charger
Dove Men Care
FloTV Spineless
Super Bowl Shuffle 2.0!
Tim Tebow’s Family Focus

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