The heat is on! Everybody now wants coverage for their brands in Fashion Blogs, no lie. So which fashion blogs are the “IT” ones to target? You know the fashion blogs with the power to get you hundreds of thousands of back links? For my savvy social media blazing Internet marketers who actually understand how powerful this can be.
What I can predict is that this will be the biggest fashion week in a very long time for media. The buzz has already started about how much which celebrities are PAID to attend fashion week shows. “the Cut” which is one the most credible fashion blogs reveals Rihanna fetches $100,000 or more for attending a fashion show. This shows that Rihanna is top fashion show queen.  So you see she always looks lovely for a reason. 

Which fashion blogs should be the big focuses?
Top Fashion Blogs



All The Rage

Fashion Gone Rogue

The Fashionisto 

The Fashion Bomb Blog

Worthy Fashion Blogs!  
Please do feel free to add any fashion blogs that you feel are credible in the comments section! These are just ones that I personally review and see the influence they drive on media for fashion publicity.
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