Facebook is the communications method of choice for most teens. True they rarely Tweet on Twitter and they never really ever dug blogging. However, there is a strong link to teens and blogging that is not talked about. And businesses who want to reach this audience can learn a lot from picking up on these certain blogging trends.

Yes, it is true teens don’t like blogging and not into Twitter. However, they do love some Facebook which is an opportunity for blogs to add to communications. Pew Internet gave some interesting stats on teen use of Facebook over Twitter and especially blogging.

The verdict could be determined that blogging sucks to teens. However, consider this almost every Facebook post is accompanied by a link? Most of the links are directed back to a BLOG post? So blogs are not dead they still add value to the communications process.

I would strongly suggest that you not stop blogging just because teens are not doing it! You can still reach them by blogging about your business. Engage teens with blog posts that they plant on Facebook.

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