So many luxury brands are debating to cut, keep, or reduce PR services. While some luxury brands even feel that because they have achieved strong brand awareness it is fine to cut PR services. You know just for a little while until the economy turns back around. After all do they really need public relations when sales are slow?

Those who focus on luxury and targeting high-end consumers must keep the lines of communications open. Public relations also known as PR is how you communicate with the public. PR is not a sales tool but an influence to drive sales. Too many high-end brands expect PR to be a sales solution and it is simply not. Think of PR as a mood changer, like alcohol. An enhancement to make you feel better about something, grow to like and maybe even love it. At that point then you become sold on the subject.

How should PR work for high-end brands in a recession?

1. Build Credibility

Luxury brands must continue to build brand awareness to increase credibility so that they can sustain the economic downtime. The more media coverage and exposure a luxury brand receives will add value to the credibility of the brand.

2. Increase Awareness

Brand awareness builds perception and expands presence. Promoting media exposure enhances the value of brand perception for stronger awareness in a down economy.

3. Influence Appeal

Organic placement (not paid for like advertising) is viewed as a strong influence to encourage buying behaviors. Targeting high-end consumers through media outlets that are best matched to attract desired target audiences improves influence appeal. A strategic plan and approach resource to influence sales, promotions, and referrals during the economic downtime.

Now, I have covered the most important factors revealing how PR works for high-end brands in a recession. I hope I have been able to relate why luxury brands still do need PR services.

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