Luxury PR Brand Thank You Cheers

Cheers for taking the time to LIKE us on our Facebook fan page launch! We announced on yesterday that officially launched a Facebook page. While we started Twitter profiles very early in the game, we purposely waited to initiate our Facebook fan page. In the development of implementing our client’s Facebook fan pages and maintaining them we learned a lot over the years.

Social Media Budgets

When a luxury brand is evaluating a social media strategy, the most important thing to decide is the strategic plan and approach for engagement. It’s not such much about marketing and promoting in social media, as it is about engaging. Brands spend more on Facebook than any other social network.

According to a study released recently,  each Facebook ‘like’ to a brand’s page is worth $174.14. This was almost a 30 percent increase since 2010. This reveals that social media assets can now add value to luxury brands.

How the numbers add up… for Facebook fans who spent an average of $116 or more each year on the brand than non-fans, despite not having a higher income. Additionally, Fans also felt 18 percent more satisfied with the brand and 11 percent more inclined to keep buying the brand than non-fans.

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