In the age of new media is the press release still an effective approach to pre-sell? After all you can now blog news and create some big buzz using social media networks. Who needs a press release when you have hundreds or even thousands of Twitter followers? Not to mention the MySpace and Facebook fans and friends.

Well, despite the outcry from bloggers and others to kill off the press release luxury PR still need press releases to pre-sell for many reasons. I admit there were some major problems with the types of press releases that luxury brands were releasing as news. That’s just it; the press releases were not newsworthy. More of fluff (fake) dressed up advertising presented as news.

Why Luxury PR Need Press Releases to Pre-Sell?

1. Brand Creditability – Press releases are needed to give luxury brands creditability. A press release allows luxury brands to land feature stories, product placements, interviews and appearances.

2. Expert Recognition – Press releases give luxury brands expert recognition. Luxury brands can use press releases to demonstrate expert knowledge of subject matters.

3. Brand Awareness – Press releases help luxury brands to increase brand awareness. Often press releases play a critical role in education of brand awareness.

4. Marketplace Position – Press releases work to establish luxury brands marketplace position. Communications with target audiences is essential and press releases let luxury brands communicate with their target audiences to strengthen a solid marketplace position.

5. Create Buzz – Press releases help to create buzz surrounding luxury brands.

For those luxury brands thinking about ditching traditional methods of PR. Think again, you still need press releases and you still need someone pitching your press releases. Tip: you STILL need representation from a PR firm.

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