Luxury digital marketing will be everywhere in 2017! For luxury brands competition will be fierce so the time to be ready is now. The battle to win digital love is not fast approaching but has already arrived and only digital savvy luxury brands will win this race.

Already Gucci positioned themselves as “the leading digital fashion luxury brand” over Burberry, who previously held the number one spot.

3 Tips To Dominate Luxury Digital Marketing 2017 

These are top three things luxury brands can do in 2017 to rule “luxury digital marketing” in the New Year and beyond:

Relaunch Website 

Think like a website overhaul makeover…Yes, a website relaunch is like a grand opening to drive more digital marketing traffic. This should be done to improve online presence and functionality for e-commerce transactions.

One very important factor should also be to add a blogger publishing element to the website relaunch. If luxury brands want to sell more luxury goods blogging is the influential gateway. 


The best blogger hosting service that we love is Bluehost especially for setting up website blogger platforms on WordPress!

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Sponsored Platform Collaborations

Revamping from how luxury brands partnered with “brand ambassadors” in social media campaigns. For 2017 “Sponsored Platform Collaborations” will be very relevant. 

Where luxury brands will offer exclusive blogger editorial editions on best luxury blogs and websites. 

Expect to see more “sponsored luxury brand website takeovers” on favorite luxury blogs and websites! 

Sponsored Platform Collaborations will bring digital marketing head-to-head with popular social media platforms. Digital marketing will take on big social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram in 2017. Which means that luxury brands must have proper website hosting to handle surge in upbeat traffic. 

This will be the year that social and search is finally measured to see which really influences selling luxury goods best.

Where smart luxury brands will still want to focus on both social and digital. However, investing in digital marketing in 2017 is about to seriously skyrocket!

Influencer Experiences 

The value of behind-the-scenes experiences grew tremendously in 2016 and was how luxury brands attracted much of their Snapchat luxury audiences. In 2017, this interest will shift to behind-the-scenes content for influencer experiences through digital website platform exclusivity.

A new engagement zone for influencer experiences to dominate luxury digital marketing methods. The top tools and resources for experiences exclusivity will be primarily:

  • Email Marketing 
  • Press Releases 
  • Blogger Editorials

To drive and dominate digital marketing for your luxury brand see the tools that we Heart the most. 

To your success! 

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