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Top Digital Marketing Emerging Trends For Luxury Brands In 2023 Dior MC MosnarCommunications

Top Digital Marketing Emerging Trends For Luxury Brands In 2023

In an era where the digital realm reigns supreme, for 2023 and beyond luxury brands are stepping up their game to embrace the evolving landscape of digital marketing. With tech-savvy consumers seeking refined experiences and impeccable craftsmanship, luxury brands must harness the power of emerging digital marketing trends to captivate their target audience effectively. From …

Tiffany Ad Campaign Beyonce JayZ Moon River Mosnar Communications

Digital Marketing Trends For Luxury Brands To Hack In 2022

Digital marketing is the ultimate solution for luxury brands to build brand awareness and generate revenue earnings online. These are some simple solutions to hack top digital marketing trends and stay relevant for luxury brands to follow. What Is Digital Marketing? Often referred to as online marketing, Digital Marketing is the component of marketing that …

NYFW 2018 Zimmermann Show Mosnar Communications

NYFW 2018 Influencer Luxury Digital Diversity Sitting Front-row!

NYFW: New York Fashion Week 2018, takes a shift to influencer luxury digital diversity sitting front-row. When it comes to Fashion Week, every designer knows who sits front-row is the ultimate endorsement. Which is why celebrities are paid top dollar to attend Fashion Week. All eyes are on influencer luxury digital diversity. Those brands who …

Attract Young Rich Mosnar Communications 2

Attract Young, Rich, Super Tech-Smart Customers Online

Is your luxury brand ready to attract young, rich, and super tech-smart customers online? Get ready, by 2025 millennials and Generation Z will represent over 40% of the overall luxury goods marketplace. Attract Young, Rich, Super Tech-Smart Customers Online Luxury digital transformation is now a necessity, requiring luxury brands to replicate luxury experiences online or …

Q & A: Having High Traffic Site Versus Social Media Followers

Q & A for this Monday is about a serious dilemma facing many luxury brands and retailers…The question is “would you rather have a high traffic website platform or millions of social media followers?”  Before you answer, do you understand that both offer very different returns on investment. Most people assume that having millions of …