When we officially announced Mosnar Media would be a digital magazine app intended exclusively for Apple’s App Store…. Our thoughts were to evaluate what we do so well on MosnarCommunications.com . However, after much feedback from our users we learned what Mosnar Media needs to address is something more.

When a new entrepreneur sets out to tackle the luxury industry entering such an exclusive world can be hard. In fact, it takes more than having money or even knowing the right people to be successful in the luxury marketplace. Celebrities can even find it challenging to enter the luxury marketplace. This is why luxury branding is essential to make and create a sustainable luxury brand. From our users we learned that Mosnar Media can address these challenges and create a knowledge platform for how-to build a credible luxury brand.


Apple iWatchPhoto credit Apple

Apple’s announcement today to introduce the iWatch and new iPhone enhancements is also the best time for us to announce a new direction for Mosnar Media. If you have a luxury product, service, or business Mosnar Media will become your best friend. The new upcoming issue will address many luxury branding approaches needed to build a credible luxury brand today.

You can download the Mosnar Media app today to be ready for this groundbreaking luxury branding new media. If you want to take your luxury brand to the next level, join us!

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