Ray Rice the knockout seen around the world with public outrage and demand for immediate action. Did Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti “react” swiftly enough or is the punishment too harsh for the crime? That’s the public debate and the fate of Ray Rice is now a luxury brand image crisis.

As a professional football player Ray Rice is strongly judged under the public eye. When it comes to a serious issue like domestic violence the public must also understand that this is an illness. While it may be very easy for the public to judge Ray Rice for punching and knocking out his then-fiancee Janay Rice (now his wife) in an elevator caught on video. Domestic violence is a serious illness and the NFL should approach this as a family issue because Ray and Janay Rice are married with a young daughter Rayven!

Ray-Rice-and-Daughter-Rayven baby girl

Ray Rice

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is speaking out for the first time since the surveillance tape surfaced of Rice knocking out his wife. While the public is labeling Rice a monster it is also the responsibility of the NFL to help their families in trouble.

From my tone it is easy to establish “yes” I do believe Rice should return to the NFL and family counseling “must” be a condition for being accepted. Not just stopping here with Rice, I have consulted on sports luxury branding many times. I have often addressed that the NFL must educate their athletes on financial literacy, socio-economic mobility, family counseling, and so on.

Rice Family

Many times athletes are thrust into wealth before they are ready to accept the responsibility. As a luxury brand ambassador for sports many athletes will often need social etiquette branding training. At MosnarCommunications.com we work with luxury brands on grooming athletes to accept this role and responsibility.

Luxury brands should carefully select athletes before partnering with them to be their brand ambassadors. The NFL must focus on social etiquette branding training on and off the field.

We sincerely wish the Rice family the best and hope that this very public display will encourage others who need family counseling to get help.

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