It’s ultra chic to be beautiful and consumers turn to cosmetics to help them look good. The cosmetics industry is exploding and now is the perfect time to cash in on this hot trendy marketplace. The U.S. cosmetic industry is worth $56.63 billion and facial skin care represents the largest section controlling 27% of the cosmetic industry. Beauty is a growing demand in the personal luxury goods sector.

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It truly is a “dream job” to be a beauty consultant because many set their own work hours and schedules. With all the competition in the marketplace how can beauty consultants be successful selling cosmetics? The good news is makeup is not only something that women need, they also “crave it” which drives demand in the marketplace. I believe it is very possible to be extremely successful at selling cosmetics today even with all the tons of competition already doing so. If you elect to be an beauty blogger or an independent consultant you can still sell tons of cosmetics doing either one.


L’Oreal is worth $10.7 billion and Avon is worth $7.9 billion topping the list of best performing cosmetics brands worldwide.


This guide is for beauty consultants who would like to sell massive cosmetics and desire to make tons of money.

#1 Conduct Research

Identify which personal luxury goods sell best in the cosmetics industry. For example Mascara is the top selling product out performing face powder or even eye shadow. Research the marketplace to focus on the best selling products to market.

#2 Solve A Beauty Problem

This should go without saying! However, too many beauty consultants are not solving a beauty problem upfront. Solve a beauty problem by addressing a solution for a problem, i.e. “How-to get stronger longer lashes in 3 easy steps”…. Educate consumers on solving a beauty problem and they will love buying cosmetics from you forever.

#3 Be Influential

Build trust, build trust, build trust… If you want to sell massive cosmetics you must be trustworthy by being influential to get people to buy from you. By being influential when you recommend products people will buy from you every time.

#4 Show Off Work

A beauty consultant is a lot similar to an artist. Show off work through videos, hold events, and educate consumers about your services.

#5 Build An List

This is the single most important part of building an successful beauty consulting business and selling massive cosmetics. Build an list of current and potential clients. Continue ongoing communications with your list of current and potential clients offering beauty tips and advice. This practice will drive the most revenue for selling massive cosmetics.

#6 Brand and Promote

Set up an individual website platform that will be used solely to brand and promote your beauty consultant business. Establish social media channels to also brand and promote.

Beauty consultants who operate as independent representatives should also have their own individual website platform to brand and promote. Beauty consultants should use their individual website platform as a branding and promotional vehicle to link to their independent representative website.

Good luck in the beauty consulting business!

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