Consumers invested $187.1 billion dollars in hotel spending worldwide last year reported by Statista. For CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer) of luxury hotel brands the race is on to capture ultra rich consumers ready to travel for spring / summer 2015 season. Behind luxury cars and after personal luxury goods spending on hotels among the super rich was the hottest trend in 2014. The interest in luxury travel experiences among affluent consumers is anticipated to be even bigger this year.

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How can luxury hotels standout among the competition and attract more bookings? When it comes to standing out in the crowd for luxury hotels their marketing strategy is the key element to win consumer trust. However, it’s going to take more efforts from luxury hotel brands to get consumers to book their hotels for spring / summer 2015 season. The voice of influence must come from the hotel chain and be a media platform recognition to drive persuasion. Not just depending on only social media promotions to do it all, luxury hotels must create media content that will enhance their social media presence at their control.

Marketing Trends

Here are some marketing trends for luxury hotels to try this spring / summer 2015 to get major results when it comes to booking more hotel rooms for the season.

#1 Make Niche An Experience

Giving guest an exceptional experience must always be top priority. Providing an niche experience is going to attract more luxury travelers to book hotel rooms. Evaluate what types of niche experiences could best serve the luxury hotel offerings considering location and attractions.

#2 Provide Mobile Bookings

Make sure guests have access to book hotel rooms using high-end mobile devices. This will be a must for the spring / summer 2015 season.

#3 Do Organic Ambassador Collaborations

Collaborate with highly influential consumers who have an high profile presence online and mobile. Create organic influence by shadowing their experiences and hotel stays. This type of relationship can foster media exposure creating brand awareness for the luxury hotel. Which is much more cost-effective than hiring an celebrity as an brand Ambassador. Develop sponsorship relationships with influential consumers to blog, chat, and engage about their stay.

#4 Launch Lifestyle Content Campaigns

Think like luxury magazines and fashion, do lifestyle content campaigns. Take content marketing to the next level by doing luxury hotel photo shoots with content engagement. Make sure to capture leadsnto later send text and email about luxury hotel offerings in the future.

By targeting affluent audiences luxury hotels can attract more bookings.

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