It’s a new year and 2011 is highly anticipated to be the come back year for luxury brands. Which is leading many luxury brands in search of a public relations agency of record. In the past most big agencies who shall remain nameless got clients on their big names. Today luxury brands now recognize the merits of quality influence and credibility over a name.

For surviving luxury PR firms, the ones who did not die in the recession now is truly a good time to be in the business of public relations. If they positioned themselves correctly in the market especially during the economic slump phones are ringing off the hook. No surprise in the U.S. the highest demand is for New York public relations firms. Laura Davidson Public Relations (LDPR) has been appointed the public relations agency of record for the Trump SoHo luxury hotel in New York.

Here are some smart luxury PR moves to show off to land a big fish and become public relations agency of record. First thing you should understand is that you do not have to reside in New York to represent a luxury NYC luxury brand. While you are much more attractive to many luxury brands if you do but if you have the right skills you can represent luxury brands from anywhere in the world.

If you practice these moves you will have luxury brands from all over the world contacting you to become their public relations agency of record.

1. Hyper-Local

Focus on the niche of  informing people about a specific location. Be hyper-local as the authority for local buzz and happenings.  This practice is ideal for social media promotions on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Influence is credited to the source who knows the location and lifestyle of the luxury consumers.

2. V.I.P Experiences

Concentrate on certain locations and build a network of luxury advantages. Build relationships with luxury hotels, spas, businesses, etc. Assist them by promoting exclusive V.I.P services and rewards to help them find elite consumers. Attract and target luxury consumers by offering V.I.P exclusives focusing on offering superior luxury advantages to enhance quality of life experience. A win-win solution.

3. Blog Exposure

Create a Blog that represents your luxury PR agency and publicize specialty storylines. Build brand awareness through Blog features and promotions.
4. Social Engager

Stop using social media networks as promotional tools and start to become a social media engager. Use popular social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. to really socialize and inform. This is the best way to engage audiences in social media. When you become social you engage and build influence to become more credible in social media.

It is important for luxury PR firms to incorporate online PR into their business model. Luxury brands are now looking for a public relations agency of record to grow the influence of their online identity.  To do this luxury PR firms must learn how to apply the culture of luxury using Internet marketing techniques.

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