Could advertising hacks drive new business to win more luxury public relations clients? Right now is the very best time in history to be working in luxury public relations or luxury marketing. As the demand for luxury goods decline this is the perfect time for luxury PR and marketing professionals to jump into superhero action…solving a problem through thought leadership is going to be how public relations and marketing agencies representing luxury brands will win more clients and become the right fit for representation. Forget about being the biggest or branding yourself as the best it’s all about being a superior thought leader for a luxury brand’s position in the marketplace.

The biggest problem why most firms and agencies can’t attract new business is because they fail to build their own promotional reputation to win business. Keep in mind winning clients is all about the art of selling and not so much as gaining media exposure. Which selling is also vastly different than gaining publicity exposure compared to media coverage. Often times luxury PR and marketing firms will confuse media expertise with advertising promotions. They often overlook the need for adverting promotions and branding for selling their services through features and benefits.


Advertising Hacks Mosnar Communications

Simply waiting on referrals is no longer the ideal solution because it will be essential to start focusing on branding and advertising to target more referrals and attract new clients faster. This is where luxury PR pros and marketing gurus can standout in the crowd the most. To attract new business requires to also improve customer experience and engagement. The perception of a brand’s reputation is a selling point and creative advertising can help to deliver that value with a meaningful purpose.

These are top focus areas to attract more clients for luxury goods and services representation:

Sponsor Thought Leadership

Become a problem solver through thought leadership expertise. Sponsor advertising on public relations luxury media platforms with credibility to influence for reaching luxury professionals and luxury consumers. Get noticed by those who would want to hire your luxury PR or marketing agency. A primary advantage to win new clients by addressing luxury industry needs and elements for how brand awareness exposure will resolve issues.

Promote Solutions For Problems 

Monitor the problems for luxury brands and create sponsored advertising promotions for content marketing features from a professional perspective for solving problems. Review social media engagement, media coverage, SEC filings and so on.

Sell Expertise Results 

Win more new luxury brand clients by selling results used for other clients. Promote success stories for expertise to create a demand for services and benefits. A selling strategy to target and attract ideal clients.

Pitch Announcement Gorilla  

This is the single most important investment engine for luxury PR firms as  well as luxury marketing agencies. Master pitch announcements for luxury brands to tell their stories to connect with high net worth individuals first. Make sure press releases are engaging by always distributing pitch announcements on public relations luxury media platforms with influential value.

Build network relationships with top luxury media outlets and only pitch announcements to the best match related sources. Developing an organic brand awareness exposure portfolio.

Following these tips can close some major luxury brand accounts for representation for firms and agencies.

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