Ask yourself are you branding the right way to create brand awareness that leads to selling more luxury goods faster? Now that’s a loaded question and most seasoned or even emerging luxury brands can’t answer because they simply don’t know. Right now virtually everybody is following the leader by copying what they see the next luxury brand is doing for marketing strategies. At the end of the day branding should be producing positive results for return on investment.

Time Branding

Gucci Mosnar Communications Luxury Brand Time Branding

The most important investment is “time” and if luxury brands are spending time or even taking up time the message must be deliverable to be received. Which is also why branding mechanisms must reach the right target audience without delay to deliver a clear message to inform and educate the best consumer audiences.

The consumer’s time is invaluable and when luxury brands understand this as a theory their branding message will become more targeted and direct. Let’s say you start marketing and promoting for time as the main branding strategy? 

This approach would be effective because you now have a theory to guide your campaign approach to reach more luxury consumers with a problem solving solution to connect with them better.

Simply put the consumer doesn’t have time to waste and nor does the luxury brand. Every engagement must be to the right target audience and if not that’s time being burned and needless to say money vested gone forever.

The biggest need for time investment where luxury brands can improve the most is public communications. Why press releases are still the best resources to influence and control a brand’s purpose and message. A goldmine opportunity to tell a story and deliver a message through newsworthy influential engagement.

For example Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) announced a new brand advertising campaign in April using a luxury press release.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World Mosnar Communications Luxury Brands Time Branding

Kering announced renewing its partnership with HEC Paris School of Management’s Luxury Chair through a press release. While promoting their Gucci Women’s Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Show using video branding.

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