Beyonce Pixie Blonde


Sometimes you have to transform your luxury brand. This is what Beyonce is doing with the feature of her new Pixie hair style. It's chic and hip but also very classy for a short cut without the long locks her fans know. While this is a big risk for Bey, especially because her luxury brand is also centered around her long lushes locks of golden blonde tress.


The pixie haircut also known as the pixie crop is a very popular short hairstyle. It is short on the back and also the side of the hair but the top part is always slightly longer. This is how you define that a person is wearing a pixie cut.


Photo credits Beyonce Instagram


Hollywood Pixie History


More popular in the 1950s and worn by Hollywood A-List actresses. The most famous pixie cut of that time was worn by Audrey Hepburn in her movie debut Roman Holiday. Other Hollywood A-List actresses also featured the pixie, including Mia Farrow and Goldie Hawn.


What's special about Beyonce and her pixie is the addition of the signature blonde hair. Get ready for women to start visiting the salons to request the Beyonce Pixie! #BeyoncePixieBlonde



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