For billionaires and the new billionaires alike appetite for ultra luxury goods are expanding. A craving that is now known as the billionaire lifestyle secret rites of passage. A rite of passage is a ritual event that mark’s a person’s transition from one status to another. Luxury brands can learn many things from what billionaires increasingly add to their ultra luxury lifestyle.


There is also a ranking of status influence for the world’s billionaires. With special attention being focused on the new billionaires and billionaires who are also women. Luxury brands must turn their focus on luxury content marketing PR to engage billionaires. High net worth individuals desire to learn about luxury goods in a creative story-telling style. So this means that luxury brands must operate as media brands to generate revenue earnings for sustainability. Through luxury content marketing PR campaigns luxury brands can expand influence and exposure.


Billionaire Lifestyle Secret Ultra Luxury Rites Of Passage


What are the billionaire lifestyle secret ultra luxury rites of passage must haves? First, luxury brands must understand that just because something is priced expensive does not mean that it will attract billionaires. The brand promise and experience is what makes it ultra luxury not the price tag. Creating this demand is the solution to target and attract billionaires to buy ultra luxury goods.



Every billionaire now wants a new Rolls-Royce, who cares how many they own or owned. takes some credit because in January 2014 we announced to the world The Really RICH People Own A ROLLS-ROYCE Upgrade Your Phantom Status. This luxury content marketing PR campaign truly was a major hit and attracted billionaires. We managed to create a demand by making a statement and telling a story of status classification. Engaging billionaires to review as an influential resource to learn about why really rich people should own a Rolls-Royce Phantom.


Rolls-Royce Phantom 2Photo credit Rolls-Royce


Right now is the best time to sell ultra luxury goods. Luxury content marketing PR is a practice that has vast expertise and we work with luxury brands to implement luxury content marketing PR campaigns. For immediate consideration on how can assist with luxury content marketing PR campaigns please contact Ann Lane via in trust.


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