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Should the wealthy care or not if they receive more haters as technology advances create an massive underclass? As inequality grows one billionaire is stepping up his game to handle crisis management for envy and hatred for ultra wealthy people. The boundaries of diversity are centered around a class divide and disconnect of an out of touch super rich generation to even take notice.

What Compagnie Financiere Richemont is doing to warn the luxury industry is not only courageous but also brilliant. Recognizing that the luxury industry has a major problem among unfair inequality and this trend will not slow down but only accelerate in the coming years. Warning that these upward trends benefiting the rich will forcefully cause
“envy, hatred and social warfare” against the winners in the new economy.

This vast discovery should serve as an extreme wake up call to the top 1% to start caring about inequality and middle class value over superficial benefiting factors.


As reported from an article at the Financial TimesBusiness of Luxury Summit in Monaco, Johann Rupert said the most important issue for the luxury industry and economies globally is the structural unemployment caused by robots, artificial intelligence and the new machine age.

“I don’t know what new social pact we’ll have,” he said. “But we’d better find one. Otherwise our clients will be targets. They’ll be hated, despised.”

Inequality is a far bigger threat for the luxury goods business than discussions over e-commerce and “clicks and bricks,” he said.

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For the exact and same very concerns we at shifted our focus to luxury PR media highlighting key benefits in the luxury industry. There must be more responsible luxury content that will necessarily address more than only most expensive lavish lifestyle but focus needs to balance inequality. The art of luxury brand storytelling and balancing of consciousness engagement for brand awareness not just for exclusivity but compassion. If not this will produce a class of super rich endangered species #SuperRichEndangeredSpecies .

Will the lack of inequality result in pushing ultra rich people who have money into hiding and scared to make lavish purchases on luxury goods?

These are concerns that luxury brands hire us to consult them on. Being very serious issues that could transform the luxury goods industry resulting in declining profits. What must happen is a transformation in luxury PR  media to thrust conscious awareness. Creating more cool valued and adored luxury brands with customers that can be admired among all class divides.

If this is an luxury brand issue you recognize and would like luxury PR media consulting and training for. Please contact to Ann Lane in confidence via .

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