Before the luxury industry decides to give up on luxury department stores, first take lessons for how-to build a better shopping experience for the future. This is exactly what Moda Operandi is doing and using technology to make it happen. With an focus to elevate the online shopping experience as an luxury engagement method. If luxury brands want to know where to focus they should try connecting online and mobile engagement to luxury consumers using technology. Find out where your users are and go there with shop-able value to sell more luxury goods.

Moda Operandi

What did Moda get right and how they corrected the things that were wrong?

Moda’s photography was top notch, but basic e-commerce features were notably absent….there wasn’t even a search bar, not to mention the back-end customer management systems that have become de rigueur. Causing the company to redesign the luxury experience and introduce better internal tools, without sacrificing the editorial flair that had set Moda apart.

Moda underwent an major redesign and announced their launch this past April. They seemingly have mastered the art of luxury storytelling better than anyone else in the retail industry. Having a keen engagement zone to connect shop-able luxury goods and commerce through lifestyle editorial content marketing.

Moda Operandi gets an A+ from 

Moda Operandi MosnarCommunications

photo credit Moda Operandi via FastCompany

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