Imagine—Versailles, just one block from the Bowery! The furnishings and decor, designed by Laurice Rahmé, Bond No. 9’s founder and president, is intended as a visual fantasia counterpart to the incandescent, irrepressible beauty and expressiveness of our 70 eaux de parfum and accompanying candles, creams, lotions, and accoutrements.

 Bond No. 9’s NoHo 

Bond No. 9 s NoHo mainPhoto credits Bond No. 9
Whoa! … Wow! … Awesome! That’s what shoppers and passersby alike are saying about the total interior redesign of Bond No. 9’s NoHo flagship. What their amazed eyes are seeing is nothing short of an approachable, welcoming 21stcentury version of the Palace of Versailles’ resplendent Hall of Mirrors. 
Bond No. 9 s NoHo 2
Details: Smoky mirrors everywhere—on the walls, lining the built-in wall-niches, and on the freestanding showcases throughout the 3,000 square foot long retail corridor. With our vividly colored fragrance boxes displayed and reflected multiple times throughout this gallery-space, the overall effect is kaleidoscopic. The centerpiece curved lacquer-lipstick-red bar and checkout desk. A 16 foot obling consultation and custom blending table. Gi-normous crystal chandeliers, several encased in openwork iron gyres, and matching standing lamps. A mirrored library. A darkened recess with its own vanity stool for perusing our range of Swarovski crystal-studded bottles. A candle table. Velvet-soft sand-colored carpeting, to match the sand-colored ceiling. Lacquer-red and white wingbacks and Louis XV-style side chairs. On the back wall, a banner depicting a Berber woman’s face–this eclectic touch is a beloved holdover from our previous interior.

Bond No. 9 s NoHoPhoto credit Bond No. 9

And lest we overlook—just outside our front door, Bond Street is paved with cobblestones, as it’s been for well over a century. The walkways of Versailles, in case you’re wondering, are cobblestoned too—one of the reasons we chose this space in the first place.

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