If WhatsApp sold ads they would be the most wanted ads demanded by luxury brands ever. However, they don’t sell ad space and even confess that they hate the practice of advertising. So, you have to ask why are many luxury brands excited to use WhatsApp as a promotional tool?  After all luxury is considered exclusive and niche….

Well, the point is WhatsApp Messenger presents a cross-platform for mobile messaging on the most used devices by humans….. A smartphone that allows for the exchange of messages which also allows to do this without having to pay for SMS. It is compatible for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia. What’s cool is that all these phones can also message each other. For the end user there is no cost to message and keep in touch with friends.

Armani Holiday 2014

Photo credit Giorgio Armani

According to ET, luxury and premium brands such as Cartier, Armani, Diesel and Corneliani have found a not-so-exclusive platform to reach out to consumers in India, referring to WhatsApp. Revealing many small and medium entrepreneurs use WhatsApp to keep in touch with their customers. Plus now is also being used by marketers of luxury jackets, shoes, watches and even candies to promote, sell, and offer aftersales services. 

WhatsApp is a luxury marketing goldmine in deed. Lets say a luxury brand wants to increase revenue for the holiday 2014 season. This is why you should use WhatsApp to engage, grow, and sell more luxury goods. 

WhatsApp To Build A Luxury Brand


Step 1

Using WhatsApp Messenger platform the luxury brand can create groups. This will generate an exclusive environment.

Step 2

WhatsApp allows the luxury brand to send unlimited images. The exclusive members in the group may also send each other unlimited images. Now this takes engagement to a new level for the luxury brand.

Step 3

Here is where the luxury brand really scores. WhatsApp allows for video messages to be promoted on the cross-platform for mobile messaging. Video content marketing is the perfect solution to educate luxury consumers.

Step 4

Plus WhatsApp even offers audio media messages. This gives the luxury brand the advantage of creating audio media messages for their exclusive members. How about that for a V.I.P experience?


WhatsApp even allows to share locations! Ideal for luxury brands to promote events and storefronts. 

 A better solution over advertising and having to sell. For example luxury consumers prefer to learn about luxury goods through engaging sponsored luxury content marketing oppose to advertising. This way they are already sold and ready to buy… 

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