Burberry made a switch to put more energy in their luxury marketing and storytelling to launch new product categories. A smart move after attracting over 42  million views online for Burberry’s Christmas luxury ad campaign. 

Curating origin of their founder Thomas Burberry, the luxury brand utilized heritage storytelling which always resonates well with high-end target audiences.


During an interview conference Burberry’s CEO and chief creative officer Christopher Bailey spoke with marketingweek.com. 

Bailey discussed how their signature DK88 bag luxury marketing strategy happened. Detailing its launch was accompanied by a standalone marketing campaign and dedicated store windows, the first time it has done that for a new bag, and that the company has been “delighted” with the early results.

“This launch marks a real shift in how we think about and invest behind a category. It is early days but we are delighted with the very strong results,” he explained.

“We will do more marketing and storytelling around each product.”

Right now 70% of Burberry’s sales are influenced by digital. 

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