Well, there goes the major luxury brand “endorsements” right? So how can Calum Hood recover from such an epic fail of bad naked public relations exposure. Will he be branded with a Kim Karadashian EXposed stamp across his chest? Is his exposure worst than a sex tape? These are many of the questions that luxury brands willing to work with Calum Hood will be asking.

Calum Hood

Calum Hood

Recently a Snapchat video displayed x-rated footage of Calum Hood that was leaked to the Internet. Calum decided to “own it” and admitted that the video footage was actually him. While the x-rated video may be deemed as poor judgment on his part, we all have been young and used poor judgment. He made a big mistake but it took really big courage to own up to doing something that was poor judgment.

The reaction by fans and critics on the Internet and social networking chat apps went viral. Sending the subject matter to the top of Google Trends. However, this may not have been what Calum’s bandmates from 5 Seconds of Summer might have hoped for after their amazing performance during MTV Video Awards.


A lesson that we can learn from Calum and Snapchat is that “video images” are permanent. Every action that is lived has the potential to be replayed again. A celebrity is also a brand. A brand is also an perception so make sure to create positive brand awareness to carryout a purpose.

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